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Farming Practices / Winemaking
The Pozzuoli Estate Vineyards are farmed using sustainable practices. Each year we plant a covercrop consisting of barley and vetch to help prevent erosion and keep the soil fertile. During the growing season we maintain a manicured canopy to allow for sunlight and good airflow. Water management is crucial in sustainable farming. We water only on an as-needed basis to avoid over-watering, excessive runoff and maintain a stress level in the fruit to optimize flavor. Bird nets are used to keep birds from consuming our crops, and traps are used to control gopher populations. We maintain our vineyards to produce low yields of fruit - 1-3 tons/acre.
Winemaking is based on minimal intervention. We maintain a clean environment and the wine is handled gently throughout the process. We focus on the artistic component of winemaking and utilize some science to reinforce it.